qsc k12 vs rcf 732 QSC K12. This fixed arcuate, active line array system is ideal for a wide range of portable and permanently QSC K12. What would other members pick out of the 3 above. 0 We are located at 397 Newbridge Rd, Moorebank, NSW, 2170. If only QSC would put it in a decent looking box they would have a world beater. 00. 2 Active 12 Inch Loudspeaker. rcf: hd32-a mk4 ( 25. With on-board equalizer switches, a tilt direct mounting system, and tour-grade grill faces, this 1000-watt unit can handle both large and small weddings. They offer an extended warranty on their active PA speakers including the QSC K8, QSC K10, QSC K12 and new range of 2000 watt Active PA speakers such as the K8. Qsc K12 2 Vs K12 Comparison Part 1 il peut maintenant être téléchargé gratuitement sur le site Web de Télécharger vlc. Top Seller QSC K12. Or you can spend stupid money on a pair of RCF TT08-a and really start to enjoy your sound. PS I can't afford the RCF 722A!! jbl vrx 932lap vs qsc kla12 « Reply #6 on: May 22, 2014, 01:16:38 am » The biggest advantage of the RCF box is that it is variable curvature and has the capable of growing into a larger array as needed. 2 series. 0. And don't get mislead by the watt output, these manufactures have all different ways to calculate that. Again a 12" Barefaced is more likely to be enough compared with a lesser speaker and a 12" QSC is likely to blow a lot of cheaper speakers away. qsc a. QSC CP8 Tote. 2"s and was completely blown away with the quality of sound and versatility of the speakers, plus the free totes were a nice addition too. The Soundcraft unit is rack based, so I'll likely buy something like this as well Gator GRB-4U - 4 Rack Spaces RCF 4PRO 2031-A. 844 € 4. The only thing that is really diminished in going from a K8 to a K10 to a K12 is the narrowing of frequency dispersion as the size goes up: K8 = 105 degrees; K10 = 90 QSC K12. RCF HD10-FD10 Protective Cover for HD 10-A Speakers. Detail zboží RCF TT22-A II . Active PA-Speakers RCF ART 315-A MK4 £ 351,-Active PA-Speakers Mackie SRM450 V3 £ 345,-Active PA-Speakers QSC K12. 2 Series powered PA speaker BUNDLE from Kraft Music. Buy QSC K12. - Aktivním RCF 4PRO 8003-AS (34 500 Kč) - Pasivním Megaton MT18SUB (1kW) (16 700 Kč) + QSC RMX 4050HD (29 400 Kč) + Crossover Ashly XR-1001 (8 100 Kč) U RCF se mi líbí jednoduchost zapojení a že by mě první sub vyšel o skoro 20 000 levněji. ATM I'm swinging more towards EV, I like the DSP, extra xlr/3,5mm in and the price, but I'm looking for a second (or a third, fourth. Ive read a lot about the 312a MkIIIs being better for less, but i have only ever heard the mk Is and mkIIs QSC (100) RCF (25) Samson (9) SCHERTLER (1) Seismic Audio (1) Open quick view dialog for QSC K12. 2 Series Quick Start Guides (2) K. : PAH0013579-000 RCF 4PRO 1031-A. Main Content. I recommend QSC K12, 10, or 8. Jan 09, 2018 · mackie srm450 v1 usa or italian are best bang for the buck because they are everywhere used for 200 to 250. RCF ART 715-A MkIV 10"" Digital Active Speaker Bundle. 2 Two-Way 12" 2000W Powered Portable PA Speaker with Integrated Speaker Processor 2-Way Full-Range Active Speaker 2,000 Watt Class D amplifier module, Equippedwith: 12" Woofer and 1. Descubra a Rcf Art 732-a Mk4 Caixa Ativa 1400w | Nf + Garantia (qsc K12 Rcf Fbt Antera. Home › QSC KW181 vs. And the line array is plenty clear and 2x Qsc Kw122 Active 2-way Powered 1000w Amplified 12 Loud-speaker Stage Monitor Monitor 12 Powered 2x Qsc 2-way Stage Loud-speaker 1000w Kw122 Amplified Active $2199. 0; voice coil designs allow a crossover point as low as 700 Hz and therefore almost all of the vocal range can be produced by the driver. 3 890 Kč. uk/topic/317870-rcf-hd-10-vs-barefaced-one10 two HD10s or one RCF732 - but for me one 732A is more convenient  10 Oct 2018 QSC K12. The RCF provides much better articulation, definition, clarity, warmth, and realism. 1000 Watts QSC K12 iPod Party DJ PA Speaker 12" Inch !!! $80. What's Included: (2) QSC K12 Powered Speakers - 1000 Watts Each QSC K12. 58 072 Kč. A. $139 QSC K12. 2 K2 2000W Active Powered Loudspeaker We’re big fans of the QSC brand of speakers because they are made for, and buy audio professionals. This section is dedicated to Active PA speakers, and here you will find a full range of products from many top quality brands like QTX, Kam, EV, Alto and more. The KS112 is an ultra-compact powered subwoofer for installation and highly portable entertainment applications. The other intriguing option is a pair of the new RCF EVOX J8s. 2 Speaker The QSC K. 2 . Estoy entre las cajas activas QSC K12 o RCF HD12A, el uso seria para eventos sociales y para conferencias, eventualmente algun pequeño sonido a algun musico con pistas. QSC has done it! The next standard in Powered Loudspeakers! RCF HDL6-A Active 1400 Watt 2-Way 6" Line Array Module. QSC K10. I have a full review coming shortly of the CLR. 2 vs RCF HD 32-A MK4 - | B&H Photo. 2 RCF ART 732-A mkIV . QSC K8. Call us today on 0298241004 Modern DJs - including most of us at AVMaxx - tend to prefer Active Speakers such as QSC k12. RESERVE NOW! We ALWAYS SELL OUT on Weekends, so book today! This package is a high-end rental system popular with our quality conscious clients for mid to large scale events. The EVs had a default DJ voicing (pumped up highs and lows), the QSC seemed to have an exaggerated mid and the JBL was fairly flat. Detail zboží Yamaha DSR 112 . We also feature more budget RCF ART 310 A The RCF ART 310 is the reference speaker in the 10" size. in stock. € 66. 00 Los K8, K10, K12 utilizan, respectiva y predeciblemente, altavoces de cono para bajos de 8", 10" y 12", mientras que el KSub hace uso de dos altavoces de 12". 2 σε 3 καταστήματα στο Skroutz. 2 £ 675,-Active PA-Speakers dB Technologies Flexsys FMX12 £ 488,-Active PA-Speakers RCF ART 710-A MK4 £ 345,-Active PA-Speakers LD Systems Stinger 12 A G3 £ 598,-Active PA-Speakers Mackie SRM210 V-Class £ 534,- Artikelnummer Omschrijving Aankoop excl. Zboží již není v prodeji. Doing a wedding today (Yes a Monday wedding) with my TS215 pair, and a single TS212 for the ceremony. 2 2000W 12" Powered Speaker The QSC K12 2000W 12" Powered Speaker is quite simply, the next standard in powered loudspeakers. The NX from RCF is far and away a step up in every way over what the pro-sumer K10 and K12 offer. 08d x 14. I could add so much to my gear offerings if I went with the QSC's or even the RCF 325's instead. Add to Wish List. RCF. 99/EACH. Its onboard 3,600W Class D amplifier drives an 18” direct-radiating woofer for potent bass reproduction. Use the full RCF flybar and you can ground stack 6 max. 99 $799. Electro-Voice EVF-1122D/66 Loudspeaker Jan 03, 2012 · RCF might be interesting if you want quality. 25 . The RCF HD 32-A MK4 two way active speaker is capable of 131 dB max SPL with clear and definite RCF ART-732A Mk4. Expert shoppers know that AVMAxx. This 2,000-watt active subwoofer features a sixth order bandpass design, which provides incredible low-frequency response. 25 190 Kč. 2 12&#034 SPE RCF Protective Cover for 712-A, 722-A, and 732-A Speakers [ART-COVER-712/732 Under the direction of Pat Quilter, QSC's team of amplifier engineers have created a new standard in Class D power modules unparalleled in the industry. 00 RCF, with either re-purposed main fly bar, or optional dedicated pole mount flybar, does 3. 2 Active Loudspeaker 12" $799. I just ordered the hd32a with the cover included for 900. My config: + 2xKSub 2xK10. QSC's revolutionary Intrinsic Correction tuning actively optimizes time, frequency, and amplitude to achieve the best sound Find deals from powered speaker brands like JBL, Electro-Voice, Mackie, RCF, Behringer, and more. I don't remember the QSC 12's being significantly louder than the E/V 12's, except when pumping a lot of low end, due to their deliberate pump-up of that range, which I think is Aug 15, 2011 · Or you could go with the K12 for $700 and it is powered by a better amp than what you will find in nearly any AV receiver. The 3. QSC brings 2,000 watts of power into the speaker, which is carefully balanced to achieve high performance from the woofers and the compression drivers. 6 months of use (30 performances). They sound clear, detailed no muddiness and the fans love the way we sound. I get compliments on the audio quality on my Altos all the time. Detail zboží HK Audio L5 112 FA . 09w ) vantec 12a ( 24h x 14. $129. 59h x 13. HxWxD = 26" x 15" x 28" (665 x 381 x I just sold 2 QSC K12's (they are plastic) after doing and a/b test between them and JBL PRX 615's (wood) the JBL's blew them away in my opinion. 2 powered speaker delivers extraordinary results for users in both portable and installed applications. 8 . The cabinet is constructed of premium birch and includes high-quality, low noise casters. 98 Rcf Hd35-a Active Powered qsc , qtx , rcf. 2 Series represents the best-inclass loudspeaker for today’s demanding audio professionals. Hola a todos La presente es para saber si alguien ya ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con las nuevas QSC k12. 4 Nov 2017 Subscribe. RCF ART 732-A MK4 Active Speaker. Featuring a high power, hypervented 18" woofer, with 4" inside/outside voice coils, this cabinet is designed to deliver a serious amount of low frequency. 2 has a very simple and intuitive operational interface but doesn’t skimp on features. 75' HF device for unparalleled performance, regardless of speaker QSC K12 vs JBL PRX612 vs JBL PRX712 vs Mackie SRM450 vs Mackie SRM550 vs RCF ART 312-A MK3 vs Yamaha DSR112 vs Yamaha DXR12 vs Alto BLACK12 Black Series. 2 Active Speaker is a Class-D powered PA speaker equipped with a 2000-watt power module that has been strategically paired with a 12” high-performance woofer and compression drivers. Page 1 SRM450 The Mackie SRM450 is a full range, portable, active loudspeaker system providing high output, wide disper- sion, and low distortion performance in a compact, com- posite molded Jun 09, 2017 · They're so tough in fact, that they can withstand falls from a great height (don't try it at home please!) and can even keep working after a fire. Go and give them a listen at a dealer. rcf fb-hd10-a flybar iq8-wb. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminum structure that not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation, but also assists in heat dissipation. $650. 2 are supposed to be good sound quality and reasonably be or even about the best for £800 per speaker would be RCF Art-732A. Aug 14, 2009 · Dollar for dollar it's an accurate comparison and the RCF comes pretty close to the K12 in max output (129 vs 131dB). Help Center; Shipping Info Yamaha dxs18 vs qsc kw181. 99 Mackie TH15A Thump 15"" PA Speaker Bundle. Next, breaking from the traditional loudspeaker paradigm, all full-range models (K8, K10, K12) are fitted with the identical 1. rcf NEW cho nên chọn 12", các bác cho ý kiến dùm RCF ART 732-A vs QSC K12. 96w ) altea 412a ( 25. This is the type of sub that will make your thump sound better than it really is. 2 12" 2000w Powered Speaker. 2 Series™ represents the best-inclass loudspeaker for today’s demanding audio professionals. Compare PreSonus AIR12 2-Way Active Sound-Reinforcement Loudspeaker Single vs RCF HD 12-A MK4 - 12" 2-Way 1400W Active Speaker vs Yamaha DBR12- 12" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker vs QSC K12. For performing musicians and engineers: stagecraft, engineering and gear. 2 Series Powered Loudspeaker Safety Information Sheets (2) QSC K12TOTE K12 Speaker Tote Bags The RCF SUB 8003-AS II is equipped with a new-generation 2200-watt digital amplifier, offering very high output, extremely low distortion and incredibly natural sound. No sub to start as my bass amp should provide enough bump for what we'll be doing. 4" 700w - Μαύρο 719,20 € ΗΧΕΙΟ RCF ART 732-A MK4 Active Full-range αυτοεν/νο 1-48 of 732 Results. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. So many really good options like Yamaha, EV and QSC. It features a Class-D amplifier with 2,000W peak output. Shop Speaker 2-way Cables And Jbl 2x Stands 2 Prx815w Class-d + 1500w Active W/ Wi-fi in stock Oct 07, 2018 · QSC K12. Find the perfect 12-Inch Speaker here at Showtime Production Services. 2, EVOX J8, SSv3, Westone IEMs 2-Way Full-Range Active Speaker 2,000 Watt Class D amplifier module, Equippedwith: 12" Woofer and 1. 99. 2 K. The ART 312A are still on sale, I think about 950 us dollars a pair, or 322a buy it with an RCF sub, And you will have a good system. Processing Technology. A big aspect of mobile DJing is the ability to set up as quick as possible and our grand selection of Speakers Stands, Bags, Speaker Cases makes it a simple and fast task. Aug 18, 2012 · Home › Forums › Digital DJ Gear › JBL PRX612M or QSC K12 This topic has 14 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 7 years, 11 months ago by Phil Morse. 2 and getting ready to make my big order of these. 2 Series 12" 2-Way Active DJ PA Speakers Pair w Stands & Cases K12 I'm playing a RCF 732A (pretty much the RCF equivalent of a QSC K12), either as a monitor when full PA support, or as backline when not. Warranty: 12 Months View full product details QSC K12 Nylon/Mesh Outdoor Waterproof Cover QSC K12 - 12inch Active Loudspeaker (Demo) [QSC K12(Demo)] - Powered Speakers: Features * Lightweight portable powered speakers with legendary QSC amplifier power and reliability * 1000 watt continuous Class D power modules in all models * Extensive DSP enhances system performance * Attractive and professional appearance * Rugged ABS enclosures * Tour-grade 18 gauge steel grilles * Comfortable RCF ART 732-A Vs QSC K12. com/watch?v=8epvBs55ODE. the 153'3 new you can get for 1100 if you look around. It's a wedding/function band, generally six- to 10-piece; core repertoire is Motown/soul although there's some other stuff so I do play a 5-string bass. QSC incorporates several proprietary DSP technologies into the K12, including Digital Extension and Excursion Processing (DEEP). This powerful package is suitable for events of 120-150 people. Aug 14, 2009 · Definitely would've been cool to meet. 2 and K12. Βρες τιμές για QSC K10. 1 × RCF ART 732-A Mk4 Active 2-Way Speaker Audio Works - The UK's Premier DJ and Pro Audio Mega-Store - PA Systems - Amplifiers - Professional Loudspeakers - Dj Equipment - Mixers - Microphones - Stands - Lighting - Effects - Huge Stocks - Fast Postage - Full Main Dealer Service - UK's Lowest Prices. Jump to navigation Skip to content . EV ELX 112P vs. 47h x 14. youtube. 2 vs. Jul 29, 2014 · Hola amigos, necesito de su ayuda para poder desidir mi compra. art 732-a mk4 active two-way speaker rcf art732a ( rcf art 732a mk4 ) qsc k12. Youtube. Skytec JPA 12/SPI-200A . 26 090 Kč. 105,82 RON QSC K12. I've been looking at monitors but haven't had a chance to try out the updated K12's. V kategorii Příslušenství QSC naleznete hudební nástroje nebo hudební techniku od oblíbeného výrobce QSC. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. The RCF powered speakers are the only ones I'd think about if I were looking for powered. Topic: JBL PRX425 vs QSC K12 - Page: 1. Afișează tot. I've beena QSC fan for years but love to be diffrent. Roland TD-12, Pearl DRX-1 tom and snare pads, Roland PD-8 pads for cymbals, DW pedals and stands, Pearl and Gibraltar hardware The mighty, portable, and powerful K Series from QSC is now available in a comprehensive package for any event - formal or informal. I picked up four of the QSC K12. EV ELX-112P vs QSC K12, 05:11 AM. 1 . 00 free shipping electro-voice ekx RCF Sub 8004-AS Active Bass Subwoofer The SUB 8004-AS is one of the most powerful 18" subwoofers in pro-sound category. 30 ca. 2 with 10" woofer, and 8" woofer K8. 96d x 14. 2 with 12" woofer, K10. The KLA Series brings the power and sophistication of a line array system into an easy-to-use product significantly redefining the line array product category. qsc hpr122i hpr153i k8 ksub k10 k12 kw122 kw181 kw152 kw153 kla12 kla181 rcf art 310-a art 312-a art 315-a art 322-a art 325-a yamaha s112iv sw188iv s115iv sw215iv s215iv br10 br12 br15 br12m br15m s/c112v s/cw115v s/c115v s/cw118v s/c215v s/cw218v s/cm10v s/cm12v s/cm15v msr400 qsc kw122 loud speaker. 2 or Yamaha DXR12s. Available in three models: K12. 12w ) 4pro 2031-a ( 24. 4" titanium compression driver, Dispersion pattern: 90° axis-symmetrical, Multi-function display (45 mm x 25. Our speakers are chosen from only the very best brands around so you can purchase a top quality piece of DJ equipment from our store. 2, K10. The new QSC KS118 is a direct-radiating single-18-inch subwoofer powered by a 3,600-watt class D amplifier. 2-Way Full-Range Active Speaker 2,000 Watt Class D amplifier module, Equippedwith: 12" Woofer and 1. Four low-noise, heavy-duty casters. k12. 1,4" HF neodymium driver, Titánium dóm 3. QSC (14) TURBOSOUND (12) YAMAHA (14) QSC K12. https://www. Active Full-Range Speaker Can also be used as a floor monitor, FiRPHASE Technology, Equipped with a 12" RCF high-power woofer with 2. QSC KS212C. 2 K2 Series Two-Way 2000W Powered Loudspeakers with 12" Woofers (2) Locking AC Power cords (2) White QSC Logos (2) QSC Limited Warranty Information Cards (2) K. It’s a successor to the well-respected KW181, which has long been my single-18 sub of choice. They offer a host of advantages over passive speakers such as ease of transportation and setup as well as having the perfect amplifier matched to your speaker design and power requirements. 2 The QSC K. 37 780 Kč. 2 powered speakers. fullcompass. Please continue shopping. 2 series of active speakers, which are certainly attractively priced, would appear to offer plenty of clean power and include overall four Jun 18, 2017 · The QSC K12. Encontre Rcf Art 732 - Caixas Acústicas no Mercado Livre Brasil. 00 Apr 26, 2018 · The new KS212C from QSC is a cardioid subwoofer that utilizes dual 12-inch cone transducers powered by a pair of class D amplifiers (each rated at 1,800 watts peak). About Us; Contact Us; Warehouse Location; Privacy/Terms; Help. Please post your thoughts after you try the QSC K12. Powered speakers have come a long way in the past 20 years and now include a host of extras to ensure you get the best sound possible for your You have no items in your shopping cart. v porovnani s konkurenciou s o chlp vyssou cenou nemaju sancu. 2 Vs JBL PRX 712 laktran, 5/8/2018 6:44:42 PM(UTC) Phuongho 5/10/2018 11:16:02 AM(UTC) 3 1,585 Phuongho 5/10/2018 11:16:02 AM(UTC) The 712a is 700 and the 732a is 900. 75" VC, Digitally bi-amped with DSP, Power: 1400 Re: Mackie SRM 550 vs. € 41. 2 Vs JBL PRX 712: Mình muốn ráp 1 bộ karaoke, đang không biết mua loa nào, cái phòng khách không lớn  Considere este item disponível. 2x RCF 732-MK4 Jun 13, 2014 · Thanks for the opinions on other mfgs yes I also think QSC K12 is very nice and have heard good things about the 312a. S Audio Vantec 20a because of the power and flexibility they offer. RCF ART 732-A MK4 1400W Active Powered Lightweight 12" Neodymium PA Speaker. Add to Compare. 5 870 Kč. qsc kw 152 g. 00 - $999. $ 801. Old Price: RCF ART 732-A MK4 15" 2 Way Digital Active Speaker. 00/EACH. 2 delivers extraordinary results for users in both portable and installed Power your way to better sound when you add a QSC K12. 2, serán iguales de buenas que las K12, fui a buscar las K12 y me di con la sorpresa que el vendedor me dijo que las K12 ya estaban descontinuadas y en su lugar habían salido las K12. 2 Powered PA Cabinet (Single) 4. 2 vs RCF HD32 vs EV ETX-12P - Part 1 Blind test, which is which? Aug 23, 2013 · K12 and DXR12 are both excellent and comparable, although the DXR has the lower price tag. QSC CP8 Outdoor Cover. 2s are apparently insane on the power/volume they can produce. 6 190 Kč. Basically, using this speaker won’t be a problem for both smaller and bigger crowds, it can easily handle 200+ people. RCF ART 722 Protection Cover for 712A, 732A speakers at Andertons Music Co. Detail zboží RCF 4PRO 2031-A . 2 or D. turbosound iq8 wall bracket. Para el cruce entre vías, QSC ha utilizado lo que llama Directivity Matched Transition DMT™ para asegurar una transición coherente entre vías. qsc kla12bk 12-Inch 500 Title says it all. 25/01/2011 18:14:34 Subject: Re:new compitition for the QSC K12 and JBL PRX612 1 × RCF ART 732-A Mk4 Active 2-Way Speaker (Single) 1 × QSC K12 Tote Bag Protective Cover/Bag for QSC K12; and 0 further items … Available in our central The QSC K10's really made a huge difference in the way we sound and play. 07h x 12. 2 2-way powered speaker sets a new standard for portable PA systems. 2 12" 2000 Watt Powered Speaker. 50. BTW Verkoop incl. RCF ART 732-A Mk4 Active 2-Way Speaker (Single) QSC K12. potom co som dnes pocul by som ich nechcel ani zadarmo. Pokud potřebujete s výběrem poradit, neváhejte nás kontaktovat. Not a rigorous audition or A/B comparison, but at least the same music through each at the same (modest) volume. Content field image. RCF ART 312-A. 4 mm) / 2 selection buttons, Presets / Equally comfortable as a stage monitor, the K12 enclosure has an angled side for use as a low-profile, horizontal wedge and a flat side for proper side-fill use. For service & back-up RCF probably wund hands down but I suspect the better unit will be the QSC. And the RCF lets you change the angles to whatever you fancy, QSC KLA, JBL VRX9xx and Vantec20 is fixed interbox angles. The RCF 312A is cheaper than any of the QSC, Peavey or Mackie stuff in its performance neighborhood. Today! Neviem ako su na tom vyssie serie od RCF ale prave som sa vratil zo 4 hodinoveho posluchove testu,pricom som vypocul viacej zostav: RCF 310,312 a 412 su zvukovo strasne,nachriapnuty zvuk naviac velmi agresivny hlavne na vyskach a vyssich stredoch,basy prakticky ziadne. I have the RCF, K12's, and K10's. Add to Wishlist. From the Board Room to the Party Room - this system can perform in any situation. Advanced on-board DSP provides Intrinsic Correction™ voicing and advanced system RCF (38) RCF (38) RCF-USA QSC K12. Compare QSC K12. I have used the K10, the K12 (prefer the K10 over the K12 FWIW), RCF NX 12SMA and Atomic CLR. New to Amps; kw153 user reviews? A single RCF-705AS 15" Subwoofer VS two Yorkville 720P 15" for 300 outoors? Recomend me some amps! Wtf? JBL PRX618S-XLF vs Yorkville LS801P finishing the topic; IPR 3000 Quick review. RCF HD32 MK4 - QSC K12. Detail zboží Providing the best in class active speaker and powered speakers, Showtime Production Services is the one stop shop for great deals on RCF, QSC and EV. Used from: RCF ART 732-A MK4 12-inch 1400W 2-Way Powered Speaker. The perfect combination of elegant design, superior audio performance, high functionality, simple and intuitive operation, and genuine QSC reliability, K. QSC engineers combined all the technical advancements of the K Series with a custom-designed, tour-grade Baltic birch cabinet for unmatched sound quality and durability that’s ready for the road. 10,134 views10K views Speaker Comparison RCF 735a vs EV ETX 12p & ZXA5 vs QSC K12 vs Yamaha DXR 15. Vyberte si podobné zboží: JBL PRX812W. € 83. 75" VC, Digitally bi-amped with DSP, Power: 1400 RCF ART 732-A Mk4 Digital Active Loudspeaker . Two M20 threaded sockets (one on top, one on side) accept 35 mm speaker pole. Overall the Paralines are fantastic for the money but in my opn would be better suited for a permanent installation. With its simple Lift, Click and Play approach, KLA can be deployed in a fraction of the time required by comparable line array products. Tento dvoupásmový aktivní reprobox nabízí čistou reprodukci hlasu, lineární odezvu a precizně nadefinované nižší frekvence v širokém vyzařovacím úhlu 90 x  RCF 732-A Et surtout préférez-vous la RCF Art 712-A MK II ou la YAMAHA DSR 112 (pas le meme prix et la meme Ok donc qsc k12 et rcf 712 équivalentes en qualité avec un peu plus de basses pour les k12 alors Především asi k tomu setupu 2x QSC k10 který opravdu alespoň po internetu sklízí Doporučuju 2x RCF ART 732-A. many rcf speakers have the same amplifier, they are 750 w rms, ( for sure ah ok, I was talking about 710 or 712. The JBL PRX series have some decent review. This amp can route nearly twice the power to the woofer than that of its predecessor, the K12. THE BEST DJ 12" SPEAKERS - QSC K12. 2 represents the best-inclass loudspeaker for today’s demanding audio professionals. Compare with Dec 29, 2019 · Jan 27, 2015 EV ZLX-12P vs. available soon QSC K12. 0 lengőtekercs, 12" mélynyomóval garantálja a páratlan megszólalást. The The QSC's aren't at all bad, but the previous generation weren't as good bang-for-buck as E/V, RCF and maybe a couple of other options, and were heavier as well. com So for 2 JBL srx's around $1000. At the moment I usually borrow 2x RCF Art 312 mk II from a friend if needed, but I want to get my own. Nov 18, 2011 · RCF 722a- least bad, scooped, needs a lot of EQ to sound good. Large 2” horn, a bit louder than the rest. The tone is far better, the ergonomics are superior, the size and weight is preferable over the K12. DMT™ (Directivity-Matched Transition) ensures smooth coverage across the entire listening area. qsc yoke for k12. Aug 10, 2015 · Don't know which PRX you looked at, but when I compared a number of years ago, it was down to a QSC K12, the JBL PRX612 and the recently (then) introduced EV ELX112. 3rd May 2011 #1 The RCF HD 32-A MK4 two way active speaker is capable of 131 dB max SPL with clear and definite sound. Replace torn and damaged surrounds like new! This high-powered and smartly-designed HD 15-A from RCF is a go-to for venues, bands, DJs and many more looking for a high quality powered speaker! The professional compression driver with custom designed dome and high-power voice coil offers exceptional vocal clarity and sound projection. 2 12-Inch 2-Way 2000W Powered Speaker. Jul 27, 2017 · Looking to start with a Soundcraft Ui24R Mixer and two QSC K12. k10 b. 2 Caixa Ativa 12" 2000WQsc K12  5 Mar 2018 I also run 2 RCF 732A for FOH, I run everything above including drums and bass. 4 mm) / 2 selection buttons, Presets / Alto BLACK15 vs HK Audio Premium Pro 15XA vs HK Audio Pulsar Active 15" vs JBL PRX715 vs Mackie SRM650 vs PreSonus StudioLive 315AI vs QSC KW152 vs Yamaha DSR115 vs Yamaha DXR15 At Buzz Speaker Hire Sydney we were looking to increase our hire stock range with some premium powerful 15’’ speakers over $1000 each. 08h x 14. 5mm, 50 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response, 132 dB Max SPL Output, Proprietary RCF Diaphragms; Renkus Heinz Diaphragms; Selenium Diaphragms for compression driver - Speaker ExchangeSelenium Diaphragms QSC WP-200014-03 K8. 2. $139. High quality neodymium transducers, very compact size cabinet. RCF ART 732-A Aktivní reprobox | HN162168. Though compact and lightweight, the TT 2-A offers the signature high-end TT+ sound quality with a two-channel 1600 W RMS Class-D amplifier, FiRPHASE 0° linear phase The 12” QSC K12. I much prefer the RCF for my Axe II. I will post back when I have spent a little time with the HD32a and share my opinion. 19 190 Kč. hpr122i d. Dual 12-inch long excursion drivers; Dual 6th order band-pass design. QSC K12 2-Way Powered Speaker . May 06, 2011 · Qsc K 10s vs Rcf art 710a When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Turbosound iNSPIRE iP1000 Modular column loudspeaker . Info. Ideally looking for something I can put my qsc amp through, good mid looking on website looks like now it is a ART 712-A MK II/ART 732-A? Results 1 - 6 of 6 QSC K12. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW RCF ART 310-A MK4 DJ/Club 10” Active 2-Way Powered Speaker 800W Amplified at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Powered Speakers are speakers with a built in amplifier. 2 12'' Active PA Speaker. My go to patch is the JCM800 and the RCF baffles me at how well it works with that RCF ART 732-A Vs QSC K12. Proprietary Directivity-Matched Transition, or DMT, ensures even coverage across the entire rcf art 732-a mk4 Hangfal > Hangfalak Aktív 12" hangfal, 1400 Watt csúcs, DSP, 700 W RMS digitális erősítéssel, DSP vel. Quick Links. Oct 31, 2019 · Two views of the new KS118 subwoofer from QSC. Advanced on-board DSP provides RCF ART 732-A MK4 loudspeaker? Shop RCF online. 2x RCF ART 732-A MK4 12" ACTIVE 2-WAY Powered PA Speaker 1400W + 25FT XLR Cables. Compare. qsc kw 153 h. Comparing the two, the Polk only wins in aesthetics, size and extension. Rockville Rolling Travel Case Speaker Bag w/Handle+Wheels For QSC K12. 2 Powered 12" 2-Way Loudspeaker System With Advanced DSP RCF ART 732-A MK4 - Set QSC K12 Tote Bag Protective Cover/Bag for QSC K12. $0. . 2 K12 Mk2 12" Two-Way 2000W Powered Active Speaker Monitor. Two QSC K12. I've had mine for a few weeks now, and are really starting to like them as a great alternative to the Bose L1 Model II -- simpler, louder, more cost-effective, etc. £669. ULTIMATE QSC K12 SPEAKER PACKAGE with SUBWOOFERS LIMITED QUANTITIES. H&H RED-12A . Yamaha dxs18 vs qsc kw181 RCF ART 732-A MK4 Active Speaker. Do a little research on this guy, and you’ll find that DJs and speaker gurus alike rave about this 12” loudspeaker. Aj ako Find rcf ads from Victoria. co. MusicPlayerNetwork. k10. BTW-I played to 1600 this past NYE using this system and two qsc k12 front fills and two k12 monitors. qsc kw122 f. QSC (10) RCF (5) Turbosound (5) Vocopro (1) Yamaha (3) Gemini (10) Price. 2 Active Speaker 12" 2-Way Powered Speaker, 2000W The QSC K12. Yamaha DSR112? Forums FA 12ac, RCF TT08a, QSC K. 2 PCB QSC K12. The QSC K12 is very powerful for a 12” speaker. 2 yoke. QSC KW181 vs. 96w ) action 12a ( 25. When something goes wrong with your speaker, it can be hard to find the replacement parts to get it working again. 20. basschat. Just thought I'd mention I listened to these three speakers a few days ago. I really like the features of the K12 and would love to hear 'em. QSC. Vous avez la possibilité avant de télécharger Qsc K12 2 Vs K12 Comparison Part 1 mp3 musique sur votre appareil mobile, votre ordinateur ou votre tablette. 2 delivers extraordinary results for users in both portable and installed applications. >>> e-Katalog - каталог порівняння цін і характеристик Відгуки, огляди, інструкції. 2 - EV ETX-12P - Audio Comparison Part 2 Link https://www. 2 Vs JBL PRX 712: Mình muốn ráp 1 bộ karaoke, đang không biết mua loa nào, cái phòng khách không lớn lắm, cho nên chọn 12", các bác cho ý kiến dùm RCF ART 732-A vs QSC K12. The QSC K12. £3,499. 2 12" Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker. here on the West coast QSC dominates the DJ market. 2 vs JBL PRX 712 Mixer RCF 712A FBT Maxx4A QSC K12 All are similar prices and all are very good speakers imo. Акустична система QSC K12 по цене от 31621 до 31621 грн. Jul 23, 2012 · RCF 312a vs Yamaha DSR112 vs QSC K12, Which??? Please note, if you are a returning djforums member from prior to 2012 (end of the mayan calendar) and have not yet re-registered, you will need to re-register to the site for 2. Rcf Vs Qsc Sub Active Full-Range Speaker Can also be used as a floor monitor, FiRPHASE Technology, Equipped with a 12" RCF high-power woofer with 2. 24 590 Kč. JoshTorresDJ PRO Infinity Member since 2009 The QSC k12's are worth saving for :) Posted Fri 04 Nov 11 @ 11:18 am. jbl prx, qsc, rcf queda muy bien con los bajos eso es lo que da mas fuerza en salones y complementan el sonido, Mar 21, 2010 · QSC K10 RCF 410 JBL PRX 612M The popular choices, from what I read seem to be the EV ZXA1 and the QSC K10, K12's (K8 not able to function as a monitor). It’s a 6th-order bandpass design, with ported chambers on either side of the woofers, which can enhance efficiency and output capabilities. Get your QSC speakers back on-line with these easy-to-install diaphragms and replacement speakers. 2 Review and Comparison - WATCH THIS BEFORE BUYING. g had a lot of bose system PANARAY 502a and b, ev SX300 pi, club15 rcf, rcf process control515, Proel, lem dsl, smart hk 8x rcf hdl 10-a + 2x ac-kart-4xhdl10 + 2x fb-hdl10-light 8x Active Line Array Speaker Modules + 2x Transportation Carts + 2x Fly Bars Regular Price: $17,408. but the others are correct, it does sound better when you get there than the KW122 and especially the K12 (which I think starts getting a little "ice pick in the ear" sounding quite a bit before limiting). 7 out of Black. On top of this it's a good idea to look at what others have done loads of us have gone for the QSC or the RCF PA speakers and so you can be confident that they'll do the job. You already Feb 05, 2013 · RCF Art 312A mkIII vs QSC k12 Ive been borrowing my buddy's QSC k12s forever now, and I love them, but i need to stop being a bum and just buy my own. Get more for your money with an exclusive QSC K. Print view. I would have given them a 5 star but th QSC KW122"s are the best hands down the best 12" two way on the market! The QSC KS112 provides top-shelf low-end enhancement for your K Series powered speaker system. 23 945 Kč. The KS118 active subwoofer is ideal for both mobile and installed applications. dB Technologies QSC K Series K10 - speaker overview and full product specs on CNET. I used all the day at home since its purchase in early July to its credit already 2 dance party of about 100 people. £1,037. 5 degree downward tilt of the speaker allowing acoustic energy to be kept on the audience and off reflective surfaces for applications where maximum coverage from a high-positioned speaker is desired. JBL VRX918S brand new 10K Used Gear Limited - South Darenth The Studio at the Mill Esparto Way South Darenth Kent DA4 9FF United Kingdom 10K Used Gear Limited - Manston Units 49 - 51 Maple Leaf Business Park QSC K12. This new K. The QSC K. However I am happy with and used to the sound of my Mackie's, and am only interested in replacing them with new ones before these wear out with age. The perfect combination of elegant design, superior audio performance, high functionality, simple and intuitive operation, and genuine reliability, the QSC K12. It's very loud, peaking at 131 dB, which is equivalent to a marching band of 200 members. 96w ) d-a-s: altea 712a ( 25. DMT (Directivity-Matched Transition) ensures smooth coverage across the entire listening area. RCF ART 732-A mkIV. To me the DXR12s were nicer than the 712s but I bought QSC K12s in the end (and some DXR110s for monitors/small gigs). vs. JBL's Topic: Mackie SRM450 V2 vs. Seeing as it's September it'll be rude not to have a huge SUBtember sale! Active/ Self Powered Subwoofers 4x EV ETX 118SP, from bar - $4400 lot as is 2x QSC KLA 18 - $4,500 / Pair 2x QSC KW181 in coves - $3,400 / Pair 2x QSC K-SUB - $2,000 / Pair 1x QSC KS112 in covers / Each 1x QSC KS212c in covers / Each 2x RCF Sub 705AS in covers - / Pair Dual 18" Subwoofers - Passive 2x Quest HPI 218 2x RCF ART712A-MK4 Active 12" Powered Speaker 1400W Amplified + 2x Covers BUNDLE The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. The QSC K12 features a unique Tilt-Direct(tm) pole cup mounting system. The Atomic CLR is also significantly worth considering. Brian Diener. IIRC they sound quite different, I did buy some new speakers having listened to 10 or 12 active 12" boxes but that's around 18 months ago now. Qsc K12. 8 Housing Material: Plastic Flange: 35mm Link: Yes Input: XLR Output: XLR Mic Input: 1 Height (mm): 637 Width (mm): 384 Depth (mm): 363 QSC KS212C Powered Dual 12" Cardioid Subwoofer Features: 3600 Watt Class D power module. both are really good speakers. £777. This allows even better coverage, dispersion control and superior efficiency. 5" VC, and 1" RCF compression driver with titanium diaphragm and 1. To start, each model is equipped with a 2000-watt power module carefully matched to high-performance woofers and compression drivers. Turbosound iNSPIRE iP2000 Powered Modular Column Loudspeaker Rockville Weather Proof Rugged Speaker Bag Carry Case for QSC K12. RCF 4PRO 8001AS vs JBL PRX 718S vs EV SBA760 vs Any other active sub at this Y: Nov 04, 2017 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - RCF HD32 vs QSC K12. 08d Rcf Vs Jbl 2 Jbl Prx815w Active 2-way Speaker 1500w Class-d W/ Wi-fi + Stands And 2x Cables For Sale. BTW; ond-psa161/amperemeter: ampèremeter voor de dap psa161 (SPBOT3030) € 130,45: € 157,85 rcf art 732-a mk4 Ενεργό Ηχείο 2 Δρόμων 12" / 1. € 730. Close navigation. 2 Active PA Loudspeaker . This Package Includes: (2) QSC K12. Cerwin Vega CVE-15. The box weighs 34kg to 66cm x 36cm x 72cm. Aug 15, 2010 · Thus, I figured the QSC K10 represented a logical compromise between the QSC K8 and QSC K12 and gave me the most bang for the buck for what I wanted in a QSC K Series speaker. Detail zboží dB Technologies Flexsys F 212 . 2 Series represents the best-in class loudspeaker for today’s demanding audio professionals. RCF ART 732-A mkIV . 99 free shipping fbt x-pro 15a. £599. At the core of HD 32-A design is the new ND840 compression driver. 25 Oct 2017 QSC K12 x RCF art 732a. Jul 22, 2018 - Subscribe. How to install WordPress; How to create a child theme; How to customize WordPress theme; How to install WordPress Multisite; How to create and add QSC Replacement Speakers & Diaphragms QSC makes some of the best powered speakers around and they are used worldwide. I like the sound of the K10 better than the K12 Re: QSC KW122 vs Yamaha DXR12/DXR15? « Reply #6 on: April 16, 2016, 11:11:01 pm » I still say the sound on any given show is 30% the program input, 30% the physical space you are in, 30% the skill of the operator, and only 10% the actual model of speaker while comparing in the same basic price/performance range. I'm planning on going with the BOSE L1's, but man is that going to hurt my wallet. Superior compression driver combined with a 700Hz crossover for exceptional clarity. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Qsc k12 2 setup. Stage Monitor Flight Case for 2 RCF NX 15-SMA W-4 Inch Casters SKU:X-RCF-NX15SMAX2W The ProX X-RCF-NX15SMA is designed specifically to house and protect (2) of RCF NX 15-SMA Stage Monitor speakers. CELESTION FTR18-4080HDX 18" Subwoofer Speaker 1000 Watts RMS, 4. From live sound, playback and monitoring to corporate events and presentations, ART 310 is the ideal speaker in all the situations where the output of a PA and the size of a studio monitor is required. The ease of the use is great too and can be used for a solo gig with a iPod hooked up to play backing tracks. Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total) Author Posts August 18, 2012 at 6:44 pm #1009920 Oyiwaa NoelaParticipant Hello, Just … Příslušenství QSC. 23 200 Kč. 2 and I'm 100% chuffed with it, never ones. ' A protective transit bag as pictured to suit the RCF 712, 722, 732 and ART 412, 422 12" speakers. 99 Rubber speaker surrounds and parts for speaker repair. 19 stores Lowest price guarantee Free shipping Extensive selection QSC K10. RCF ART 732-A MK4 + Cover + Stand + Bag + Mogami Cable order soon. Écouter de la musique Telecharger VLC. QSC K12- muddy, needs EQ, not very loud, limits early and hard Yorkville NX55p- even more muddy than K12's Mackie SRM450- very harsh, even at low levels. Add To Cart. Mackie SRM 215 V-Class. 15 dB SPL attenuation front-to-rear. Item-Nr. The RCF is entry level professional touring gear. In order of ranking, 15": RCF HD10a's vs QSC k10's. Peak SPL (dB): 131 Weight (kg): 17. Ideální kompromis cena/výkon/zvuk. 2 12-inch, two-way powered portable PA speaker to your stage, party or studio monitoring. Focusing on all the features you need to shake the room, the QSC K12. We go over the size, transportation, portability, setup, and sound. 2 Review & Tips About: QSC K12. úno 2014 23:49:04 Bacha, už to proběhlo, že Mackie se u nových SRM podařilo uvést totálně protikladné údaje, ze kterých se například i do našeho eshopu nejdříve dostala jen ta více zavádějící půlka. I know the local RCF product rep. 62d x 14. the 732 is similar to hd32 (this one is better ). 4 Power Output in W(RMS) @4Ohm: 700 max. Detail zboží Dynacord D 11A . Sold most of my K12's and my K12. We have a wide range from EV, RCF, QSC & DB Technologies. 99 (64) $1,000. Flight Cases for RCF Speakers. The KLA112 by QSC, is an active line array speaker system ideal for a wide range of portable and permanently installed sound reinforcement applications KLA12 Active Line Array Loudspeaker – QSC QSC Audio Products Homepage QSC have a reputation for producing effective PA equipment for musicians at sensible prices, occupying the middle ground between more affordable but less refined systems, and high-end esoterica. 859 1 × QSC K12 Tote Bag Protective Cover/Bag for QSC K12; and 0 further items … Available in our central warehouse. qsc kw 181 sub / wheels j, qsc k8. 15 user reviews on QSC K12. 0" Voice Coil 8 Ohms, 96dB Sensitivity Replaces QSC KW181 and EAW LC18-4004-8. viac, dokonca aj v exteriery, K12 je porovnateľná skôr s RCF HD 12 či Art 712. 2 sold. Διάβασε χαρακτηριστικά & πραγματικές αξιολογήσεις χρηστών! Signal Processing: Active Size of Woofer (Inches): 12 Size of Tweeter (Inches): 1. 4 mm) / 2 selection buttons, Presets / QSC K12 PA speakers and PAs in general I've made the mistake of saying I know a little bit about PA systems, so our band has decided that I should take charge of choosing one and being the 'sound man. 2 Two-Way 8" 2000w Active Speakers with padded carry With 134 dB SPL power, extreme linearity and low distortion in a vented two-way enclosure, the active RCF TT 2-A speaker is one of the most flexible speakers in its category. I prefer the top end on the DXR a little, especially at higher levels where I find the K horn gets a little harsh, but honestly I would be happy to use either DXR or K as their overall performance is really similar. This system is ideal for events up to 200 people (indoor) / 150 people (outdoor). A better comparison - output wise - would be the RCF-525A (750 watts - 131dB) but it's a much more expensive speaker than the K12. Ant REDFIRE 12 . My qsc k12 is still crushing skulls about 10 years in now. Search. 2 Two Way 8" 2000W Powered Loudspeaker $849. I'm a mobile DJ mainly playing school dances, weddings, barmitzvahs, etc. k. With a massive selection to an award winning showroom, if you are looking for answers to questions regarding Sound for Large Scale Audiences or Concert, AVMaxx would be the Best Pro Audio Store to visit! Mar 07, 2012 · Re: QSC HPR122i vs KW122 First, I think the HPR122i is only slightly different in its "good behavior" when going into limiting . You get the line array thing on top, and very effective sub on the bottom. if you add a qsc 3602 amplifer (since they are non powered) to the JBL option it is pretty close to the same $3000. 69h x 14. qsc mounting yoke for k10. 2 Active 12" Powered 2000 Watt Loudspeaker 4. Although smaller and lighter than previous wood enclosure models, the powerful KW122 cranks out clean, tight sound at output levels that seem almost Behringer B815 vs B-52 Matrix; Go to hear the the NEW YAMAHA DXR powered speakers today! Career Question. 2 Two-Way 12" 2000W Powered Portable PA Speaker with Integrated Speaker Processor featuring Advanced DSP with 5 User Scenes, 2-Band Parametric EQ + Hi & Lo Shelf, 11 Factory Presets + 4 Sub Presets, 75° Axisymetric Coverage Pattern, 3-Channel Mixer with Level Control, Dual Combination XLR-1/4" Inputs + 3. 2 Two Way 12" 2000W Powered Loudspeaker $1,029. qsc k12. The KS112 is a highly portable, single 12-inch bandpass design subwoofer, powered by a 2000 watt peak power class D amplifier module. I've never met a person, or product rep, so passionate about a product. Audiocenter K-LA210 Active Dual 10" 2way Line Array & Dsp, 350+350+70w, It Is A 2-Way Active Dsp-Controlled Line Array Speaker The QSC KW181 is a 1,000 watt 18” subwoofer that has a class D power module. www. all the qsc's are bulletproof and have a 7 yr warranty. RCF ART 315-A mkIV vs YAMAHA DBR 15 vs DB TECHNOLOGIES OPERA 15 (Stránka 1) - Projekty PA Třeba taková QSC K12 (nová verze) má "jen" 12" basák, ale Nov 29, 2012 · 6 user reviews on QSC KSub. hpr 151 sub . If you're dead set on a single speaker approach for mono, of the three it's the K12 as it's got the volume required, but be warned it's very beamy. 2 Active 12-inch 2-way 2000W Portable PA / DJ Powered Loud Speaker. K12 Speaker Com­par­ison Review & Audio Test Sep 29, 2019 · This video covers some differences and similarities of the RCF EVOX 8 and the RCF EVOX 12 speakers and we did a sound comparison between the two. Just using this to listen to a previously recorded song that we did really shocked us because out of all of the other subs that we have used this is the one that exaggerated the low end Qsc K12 2 Vs K12 Comparison Part 1 Téléchargement mp3 musique. JBL PRX812W. $949. RCF VMAX V45 Full Range Passive Two-Way Speaker $2,499. Learn more 📝 Reply OPTIONS. I was looking at EV ZLX 12P (~370 eur/500 usd a piece) and RCF Art mk III (~500 eur/700 usd a piece). Desde já agradeço! RCF ART 732-A Vs QSC K12. EV EKX-12P. QSC K12 Příspěvek od Zdeněk Prodance » ned 02. 29d x 15. I currently have QSC K12s, but looking to upgrade to either QSC K12. 96w ) hd12-a mk4 ( 25. if new under 100, qsc k12 or even better, kw153. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new speakers. 2 2000w Powered 12"" Speaker Bundle. 9 the popular QSC K Series and various JBL loudspeakers. RCF 4PRO 2031-A. com Forums Keys and Synths The Keyboard Corner QSC K12. Lots of other choices from EV and Yamaha in the killer 8" category and at a similar price point. QSC K12 KSUB 4000w Active Pa System - Huge Sound Minimum Weight . I moved over to using a QSC K12. My many months of research on powered monitors keeps bringing me back to the RCF. A simple turn of the dial engages a 7. Performance wise, it is like a Porsche vs a Kia. 777,-Add to cart. ksub c. Buy 1000-1499 W Pro Audio PA Speakers and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items The QSC KS118 active subwoofer delivers impressive low frequencies for mobile entertainment, AV rental, event production, clubs and performance venues. 2 Series is quite simply, the next standard in powered loudspeakers. 40. 2 speaker. V této kategorii najdete obaly na reproboxy a další příslušenství. qsc k12 e. 2, K12. $799. (If you know where to look) QSC KLA and RCF HDL20 have a far superior rigging system. 21 850 Kč. El procesado de las cajas es digital. 00 and for 2 Yorkville LS801 around $3000. 13 Jan 2015 RCF 712, QSC K12 ou RCF HD12? Usando duas caixas em evento pra no máximo 300 pessoas. ) opinion. 96w ) art 732-a mk4 ( 25. com is the best place to shop for Line Array Systems. qsc k12 vs rcf 732

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